Hello 2013~!

7 Jan

Hello world! 

This blog is a personal project I’ve always wanted to embark on ever since a few months back. The trigger is my love for ♥akb48♥. I’ve been into them since 3 years back and think i now know them well enough to review their performances. I won’t consider myself a wota but i’m looking forward to chatting with other fans around the globe!

Of course, this blog will not be all about akb, because as the title suggests, there will be posts on other jpop stars from time to time. To be honest, i have been into jpop for a LONG time, know enough Japanese to supplement my interest, and have been to Japan several times just to immerse myself in the culture of a country i love. 

It will be interesting to see how long this blog can be sustained, but I think will continue writing as long as i’m still into jpop and there is a readership base, so pls show me some support! Don’t forget to drop me a comment to introduce yourself!



From the Singapore blogosphere,

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