Paruru breaks down

7 Jan

Basically a video showing Shimazaki Haruka crying because of the hardships she faced ever since she joined AKB.
Miichan and Takamina are quite surprised by her reaction as apparently she doesn’t show her emotions openly.
So Miichan tried to explain that as the next generation’s ace and her sudden win in the Jankan senbatsu, Paruru has been facing much pressure, and it doesn’t help that there are people condemning her as the center.

Now i have to say that Paruru has been doing exceptionally well as the center of Eien Pressure. I heard rumors about her being Ponkotsu(clumsy), but i’ve never seen her fail in any of the Eien Pressure performances. In fact, she danced better than some of the regular senbatsu. About those negative remarks, i have no idea why people would say that because she certainly lives up to her name as the next generation’s ace.

What do you think of Paruru?=)



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