SMAP x Golden Bomber Medley

Golden Bomber is an indie visual kei band i’ve gotten into recently, due to the fact that they’re suddenly appearing on tv so much it’s hard to miss them.

I really don’t understand the concept of visual kei but this group is so funny that i can somewhat appreciate visual kei now. As much as they are as a band, they almost never play instruments in their lives, and rely entirely on an iPod for the bgm. All the guitar strumming/drumming is fake,and only the vocal part is sang live by their band leader, who happens to also compose the music and lyrics for their group.

I’ll give them a better introduction in my next post but meanwhile, checkout their latest song, Dance My Generation!
(The second song is their all-time hit, Memeshikute, which has been performed on major music shows throughout 2012.)


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