Golden Bomber on Shin Domoto Kyoudai

10 Jan

Alright guys, to know Golden Bomber better, you gotta watch this episode of Shin Domoto Kyoudai, where we’re introduced to tidbits about each member. Unfortunately, i have no idea how to embed this video, so if you’re interested, watch it here.


Kiryūin Sho, Vocals + Composer + Leader
I would say he’s the only talented guy in the whole group. Not only does he compose and write the lyrics for their songs, he also sings live and dance to the song in every performance. He said that he’s become somewhat of a complaint outlet for their fans as them seem to feedback everything to him, e.g. the unabashed fan tees which make it hard for fans to wear on the streets.

Likes: Saving money, taking the change from vending machines
Current Dilemma: Whether to buy a bed or mattress.


Yutaka Kyan, supposed Guitarist
He doesn’t play the guitar and is lazy to learn it, so he tries to entertain the audience instead during his guitar solos.
Domoto Koichi brings out a saxophone that Kyan made out of cardboard. Surprisingly, it looks pretty real and he proceeds to demonstrate how he’d play the saxophone during his solo. LOL.

Likes: Taking snapshots of the restrooms which other artistes are using while they prepare to go on air.
Current Dilemma: Whether to become a full-time actor. (He has a lead role in a movie thus far.)


Utahiroba Jun, supposed Bassist
He confesses he doesn’t know how to play the bass either and actually hates his instrument. However he helps out with the dance choreography. Leader Shō Kiryūin, says that he’s probably the most useless despite him being the highest educated amongst them. (If i’m not wrong, he has a degree in literature?)

Likes: Spending money on Maid Cafes so he could talk to girls.Apparently, he’s super shy with girls. Watch the part where he tenses up while chatting with Takamina!
Current Dilemma: Whether to become a full-time massage therapist. He thinks that other’s bodies can’t live without his massage. Watch the part where he tenses up again while giving Takamina a shoulder massage!


Darvish Kenji, supposed Drummer
No surprise here that Kenji san doesn’t know how to play the drums as well, which he hilariously proves by taking out his rubber drumsticks, which he bought from Tokyu Hands. (Hmm, i must lookout for it when i travel to Japan next.) His role in the band, is to turn on the background music for Kiryuin Sho, and switch the tracks on Sho’s cue. *Rolls eyes*

Likes: Mothers up to the age of 50! He is super turned on when he sees mamas gathering for tea after sending their kids to school.
Current Dilemma: Whether to become a fan of e-girls or akb48! He confesses to being Takamina’s fan after seeing her cute reaction to his impromptu scare previously.

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