No3b Girigirisu Jin キリギリス人 on Domoto Kyoudai

16 Jan

No3b, a subunit of AKB48 made up of Kojima Haruna, Miichan and Takamina performs their latest single “キリギリス人” on Domoto Brothers.

In case you didn’t know, the song is composed by Kiryuuin Shou of Golden Bomber. *Yay* I have been listening to various songs composed by him and his tunes are always very catchy and meaningful!

So what do you guys think?
I really like the fact that they are singing live for all their performances. Takamina and KojiHaru, although not pitch perfect, are better than most solo debuts from AKB . But Miichan, omg, how i hope u can avoid attempting the high notes when you obviously have no control over your voice!

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