[Must Watch]Golden Bomber performs ballad “Hirogaru Sekai” on 魁!

23 Jan

On a rare occasion, Kiryuin Sho sings one of his self-composed ballads for an audience of youngsters turning 20 on the Jan 19th episode of 魁!

As i read the lyrics to 広がる世界, my appreciation for Kiryuin Sho’s talent really hit the rooftop. This is not one of those love songs that all artistes typically sing about, but rather a song about life and whether you have LIVED. Really resonated with me…

One of my favourite verses(starts from 3:08):

Are there alot of things you haven’t done yet?
Are you gonna leave it till tomorrow because there’s tomorrow?
The time left to breathe, there’s no guarantee that there’s a tomorrow for it.
Have you confessed to the guy you like?
Have you said thanks to the friends you appreciate?
Everyone lives forgetting about these, but what if tomorrow is the last day(on earth)?
Have you said thanks to your family?
Have you gone to the places you wanted to go?
Overshadowed by the expanding world, this is one page of our life.

Let’s live tomorrow too.

Check out the full translation and lyrics to this song here.

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