Alan Shirahama apologises for scandal with Minegishi Minami

4 Feb

Shirahama Alan, the guy involved in Miichan’s scandal, appeared at the handshake event for GENERATIONS’ 2nd single “Animal” on 3rd Feb and apologised in front of his fans.

Bowing his head, he said “I’m very sorry for the trouble i’ve caused this time. I’ll work harder in future, so please continue to look after me.”

It took him quite long to apologise huh? But according to Sanspo, he initially refrained from speaking about the scandal for fear of causing more chaos. But he decided to break his silence after seeing Miichan apologising to fans at her handshake event on 2nd Feb.

Alan’s elder sister, Shirahama Loveli, who is a model and TV personality, said that Alan had texted/called her to warn and apologise about his scandal.

In case you want to know more about Shirahama Alan,he is a actor and member of GENERATIONS. His label LDH does not have any dating ban and prefers not to interfere in their talents’ private lives. So that’s probably why they are lying low so far.

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