Reporter asks Alan Shirahama if he wants to shave his head

5 Feb

Found another article which is slightly juicier. However, i may not have translated it accurately, so take it with a pinch of salt!

A reporter from Tokyo Sports attended a GENERATIONS press event in Osaka on the 1st Feb(note that this was before Alan apologised), where Alan(or another member)  promoted their upcoming live by saying that it’d be so fun that the audience can lose weight easily, so those who wish to diet are encouraged to come. At this point, someone from the press revealed that Minegishi Minami’s goal this year is also to lose weight. Alan did not react to this comment but instead, his member tried to help by saying something totally irrelevant. During the event, there were shouts of “Minegishi” and fans who turned up wearing Gachapin outfits(a cartoon character symbolic of Miichan), but ultimately there was no huge disturbance.

While Alan was moving backstage to rest, the press asked if he had seen Miichan’s infamous YouTube video, but he ignored them completely.

The reporter then decided to ask him directly by joining in the 4000 fans for a handshake. After queuing for 1 hr, the reporter finally faced a smiling Alan and asked “Do you have anything you want to say to Minegishi?”. His face changed upon hearing this and he said “Erm…pls wait a minute.” The reporter pressed on with “Having seen Minegishi’s shaved head, what are the chances of shaving your head?”.  He didn’t respond but looked downcast.

After the reporter left, Alan immediately switched back to professional mode, smiling and interacting with fans behind.


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