AKB48 performs 真夏のSounds Good on 火曜曲!

6 Feb

The MCs commented on their recent scandal after the performance. Read on for a transcription!

MC Nakai san: Seems like AKB48 is very busy last week and this week! (referring to the scandals)

Takamina:”Alot of things have happened…”

MC Makiko: “Because they’re still young!”

At this point, Tomochin gave a small bow.(probably a gesture of  apology)

Takamina: Miichan is performing with the research students at the Akihabara theater today.

MC Nakai san: I watched the news on NHK and it seems like that girl has become bald! It made the news on NHK!

MC Makiko: I saw it too!

MC Nakai san: I’d need to shave my head every week if she turns bald just like that!
Not really sure what he’s saying here…could someone translate the last sentence?

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