Another day, another scandal strikes AKB48

6 Feb


Shunkan Bunshun has yet again gotten a scoop on the famous AKB girls, adding on to the chaos from the Minegishi Minami scandal last week.

This time round, the girl involved is Kashiwagi Yuki, the third most popular member who just declared her support for the love-ban law recently in return for realizing her dreams. According Yukirin’s agency, she was invited by Minegishi Minami to what she thought was a girls’ gathering at a bar on the midnight of 12th January. The gathering turned out to be what Shunkan Bunshun described as a dating party, attended by Ogiwara Takahiro(21) and Sugimoto Kenyu(20), both J-league soccer players, AV actress Kirara(24) and of cos Miichan(20).

The “party” lasted till the next morning.  However, Miichan left at around 3am looking quite drunk. The rest stayed on to sing karaoke until after the bar closed, with Kirara leaving at 7.30am, followed the boys and finally Yukirin at 7.45am.

With Yukirin’s innocent and goody-two-shoes image, it is indeed shocking to learn that she’d stay out to have fun with people she’d never met. But i don’t think this is as grave as what happened with Miichan, so the management will probably sweep it under the carpet.

Let’s stay tuned for the aftermath!

By the way, fans on google+ and japanese forums are demanding for Miichan to be fired for causing trouble again.


2 Responses to “Another day, another scandal strikes AKB48”

  1. Shika March 25, 2013 at 6:16 am #

    Gah! You guys are so mean~~ Mii-chan is a natural idiot!!! Just cuz someone does some stupid things doesnt mean you have to turn against them!!! Theyre just young girls!


  1. Flashback to the past scandals of AKB48 Members | allthingsjpop - April 24, 2013

    […] Yuki Joined a dating party with Minegishi Minami, an av star and some soccer players which lasted overnight. She explained […]

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