Itano Tomomi takes center position for “Yuhi wo Miteiru ka?”

11 Feb

After the announcing her gradation, Itano Tomomi performs as the center for what could possibly for the 1st time since she joined AKB48 7 years ago. This song, titled “Are you watching the sunset?” was released in 2007 when AKB wasn’t this popular and became the lowest selling single in their history. Despite it’s poor sales, many AKB members have claimed it to be their favorite song and different members take turns to do the opening speech before they start to sing.

What Tomochin said was something like “When will i see the most beautiful sunset in this life? I thought that the sunset i saw the other day was pretty, but I will live tomorrow believing that a more beautiful one will appear.”

She looks positively brighter! Somewhat like the cheerful Acchan during her last days in AKB…
But look at what’s left of the 1st generation members in AKB, sighs.

1st gen

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