Minegishi Minami dons a wig for 1st stage as research student

11 Feb

Credits to akb48wrapup

Basically she apologised again during the MC portion for her scandal, so you can hear her fans shouting words of encouragement off the stage. I actually thought she wouldn’t wear a wig, since ya know, she went all the way to shave it, but perhaps she didn’t want to stand out too much.

I’ve been thinking about her decision to accept punishment instead of just graduating entirely. I admire her courage to start all over again with a generation 14 times later than her, but realistically she should have just resigned. At the age of 20 and having built up her variety skillls and popularity with AKB over the past 7 years, she’s probably ready to take on the outside world like Tomochin and Acchan. She might have to struggle abit at first, but at least she doesn’t have to continue living a restricted life for another..7 years?

2 Responses to “Minegishi Minami dons a wig for 1st stage as research student”

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  1. Minegishi Minami appears on TV for the first time since shaving her head | allthingsjpop - March 5, 2013

    […] Sorry guys, i’m not a fan of Miichan but not an anti either. If you’ve read my earlier post, you’d realise that i actually find her a talent and staying in AKB is a waste of her time. […]

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