Itano Tomomi’s graduation talk and “So Long” performance on Music Japan

18 Feb

The center of today’s interview is Itano Tomomi as the members talk about their impressions of Tomochin. Honestly, I’m quite curious about this girl too since she doesn’t talk too much on shows. Below is a rough summary of the interview.

What is one thing you have to say when it comes to Itano?
Yuko: She’s the daughter of a teacher(mum). You would think that a teacher wouldn’t allow her children to dye their hair, but Tomochin is unexpectedly well-mannered and has general knowledge, so you can really call her the daughter of a teacher.
Takamina: She’s aggressive and doesn’t like to lose.
Kojima Haruna: She’s always one step behind the others. There was once i praised her in an interview for a overseas drama, but she only came to know about it one year later.
Mariko: Innocent. (She drew an ugly face of Tomochin as well, which Tomochin jokingly said it was drawn with bad intentions.) There was once i mentioned her in a blog, and she actually sent me a msg to thank me for mentioning her. She’s cute like that.
Shimazaki Haruka: Kind. There was once when she dressed up as a Santa to give me a Christmas present. (At this point, the members declared they didn’t receive any.)

What is one episode you know about her?
Yukirin: She’s unexpectedly a gamer.
Tomochin: Yes, i have to continue playing until i win the enemy.
Mayuyu: She’s good friends with Dale – the chipmunk from Disney. I saw her being very friendly with Dale at the backstage when we were rehearsing for Kouhaku.
Takamina: Yes, she even wore a Mickey t-shirt to the rehearsal.
Tomochin: I thought that Mickey and the rest would be very happy if they see my shirt, but in the end we had to wear costumes to rehearse. =P
Yokoyama Yui: When Tomochin came to Team K, she came to talk to me and i was very happy.
Tomochin: What did i say to you?
Yokoyama Yui:….I can’t remember.(Everyone laughs.) Probably something like “let’s work hard”!

Tomochin ended by saying she’s happy but embarrassed hearing all the comments from her members, to the extent she’s sweating on her seat!

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