NMB48 performs new track “12月31日” on Music Japan

24 Feb

I seldom mention NMB48 because they don’t stand out among the 48 groups so there’s nothing interesting enough to talk about.
There are generally no cute/pretty girls in their group and the songs they sing are so inconsistent. At one point, they could be singing something fierce like “Junjou U-19” but on other occasions, it would be something slow and boring like “Kitagawa Kenji” or the above. I’m often left wondering what this group is trying to be?

This song they’re singing describes their sadness at not being able to perform at Kouhaku last year. (Kouhaku is a prestigious TV show that Japanese watch on New Year’s eve every year.) Artistes who are invited to Kouhaku must have achieved stellar results over the past few years. So i’m quite surprised that NMB48 are already thinking they’re good enough for it because they certainly have a LONG WAY to go! Well, pls treat this song as a PR stunt from their management to get them a spot in this year’s Kouhaku. Instead of using cheap tricks like this, i hope they work harder like the rest of the 48 groups before they dream of rising to the top.


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