HKT48 releases pre-debut PV for “Hatsukoi Butterfly”

12 Mar

HKT48, the youngest sister group of AKB48, is set to make their major debut on the 20th March 2013. The average age of this group is only 15(!) and much hype has been built around their debut ever since Sashihara Rino’s transfer to the group last year. At first glance, i’m surprised to find that this group has a solid base of pretty girls. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s the magic of the cameras, but after scrutinizing the PV a second time, i have to conclude that HKT48 is the strongest out there in terms of visuals.

What’s exciting about HKT48:

– They are all pretty! It will be interesting to see them grow into women, if they stick around long enough.

– There are 3 eligible candidates for the center position. Kodama Haruka was named “Center” when the group was first introduced last year. Sakura Miyawaki was chosen to participate in AKB48’s “UZA” last year. Tashima Meru is still a research student but has miraculously  taken over as center in their PVs. With 3 girls fighting for the center position, HKT48 is no where short of talent!

– How will Ota Aika and Sashihara Rino fit in amongst these girls, especially with the age gap?

With all these hype, i’m definitely keeping an eye out for their first TV performance for debut single “Suki! Suki! Skip!” .Meanwhile, check out the above PV “Hatsukoi Butterfly” to get a sneak peak of the girls.


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    […] makes HKT48 the sister group with the best debut sales, and with all these pretty fresh faces and strong center lineup, i have a feeling SKE & NMB will have to work harder this year to keep the spotlights shining […]

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