Golden Bomber wins at “Hair Coloring Award 2013”

13 Mar

Golden Bomber’s leader Kiryuin Sho recently attended a prize giving ceremony for “Hair Coloring Award 2013”, where his band was chosen as “famous people most suited to hair coloring”. Accepting the award on behalf of his members, he smiled bitterly and said “Why am i forced into attending this even though i’m the busiest? The rest of the members are free!”. However, he mentioned that the rest will be so happy and touched (to the point of crying). He looked forward to sharing the news with his members and happily bounced on the stage to express his joy.

Members of the press also asked him about his income after Golden Bomber’s popularity exploded last year. To his he said “Royalties from my karaoke songs is unbelievable! Thank you very much!”. He also mentioned that people now recognize him easily on the streets after Golden Bomber appeared in Kouhaku 2012, and he’ll continue to work hard without forgetting this experience.


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    […] complete with costume, explosive energy and even a voiceover for the lyrics. Now we know why he has no time to attend award giving ceremonies […]

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