Utahiroba Jun halts business at his Akihabara shop after Day 1

15 Mar

Golden Bomber’s Utahiroba Jun has mentioned on TV that he was planning to open a f&b outlet in Akihabara soon. His words came true sooner than expected as the shop – a fruit palour and bar named “Autumn Leaf“, opened its doors today to the public. However, female fans who caught wind of the news came in flocks and police had to intervene to maintain order.

It seems that staff started distributing entrance tickets to the shop at 9am, and by 9.30am, all 300 seats worth of tickets were given out. Those who couldn’t grab a ticket went on to crowd around the shopfront to take pictures etc. As the turnout was far greater than expected, after discussion with the police, Utahiroba Jun announced that his business will be suspended until 17th March.

He apologised for causing confusion to his fans, some of whom have traveled a long way to attend his shop’s opening. He also asks for fans to wait for news on the re-opening.

Details of the shop below:

Autumn Leaf” is located on the ground floor/basement of Kanda Eight(カンダエイト) Building, 2 minutes from Suehirocho Station on Tokyo Metro Line, or 5 mins away from Akihabara Station(電気街 Exit).

It follows a maid cafe concept, except the shop is flanked by good-looking guys instead of girls. These guys have their profiles listed on the shop’s homepage.

Official website with info about their menu, staff and location is autumn-leaf.jp .

As business is suspended until 17th March, fans are advised to visit “Autumn Leaf” official twitter for re-opening updates.


More pics from source here

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