Shimazaki Haruka threatens to stop using the Internet

20 Mar

(Credits to miroku48@tumblr for the screenshots)

On the 19th March 2013, Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru complained on her Google+ about the lack of privacy she gets as an idol. The posts were quickly deleted but media outlets like Yahoo Japan have already picked up on it.

Translation of her posts:

My status as a celebrity doesn’t mean that i’m different from any other human being. I’m the same as others right? Don’t you feel irritated when pictures of you are taken outside without your permission?

Being part of AKB doesn’t mean that people can take pictures of me in public and upload them to the internet. I really dislike it. What is this?

I’m thinking of distancing myself from the Internet. I’m using my handphone too much these days. I’ll try to refrain from checking the internet. Tomorrow, i’m meeting up with those coming to Osaka. Thanks for always coming to see me. Well, good night!

Another epic example of her salty personality. I find nothing wrong with her standing up for herself so why delete the posts?



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