HKT48 debut single tops Oricon charts + full PV of “Suki!Suki!Skip!”

21 Mar

All the hype to HKT48’s major debut has done wonders as they sold 205,278 copies of their debut single “Suki!Suki!Skip!” on its first day, grabbing the top spot on Oricon’s CD Single Daily Ranking. 2nd place went to T-ara’s “Bunny Style”, which sold only 40,000 copies.

This makes HKT48 the sister group with the best debut sales, and with all these pretty fresh faces and strong center lineup, i have a feeling SKE & NMB will have to work harder this year to keep the spotlights shining on them.

Check out the full PV to HKT48’s debut single, “Suki!Suki!Skip!”.

I’m starting to find Sasshi very awkward amongst these girls. She looks way older and larger in size! And these hataka girls have faces so small my palm could probably cover it.


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