Members participating in AKB48 5th General Elections(Final contestant: Kuramochi Asuka)

28 Mar

I decided to start a post here to update everyone on members opting in/dropping out of the elections.
Note that only key members will be listed. For the full list, visit the OFFICIAL SITE.


1. Shinoda Mariko : “I made a big speech last year so i’m all up for it.”  (she mentioned something about wanting juniors to topple the seniors in her speech last year)

2. CinDY aka Urano Kazu: ” I’m going for the elections. When? Now!” ( 1st old girl to declare her participation. She’s a 1st generation member but graduated in 2010.)

3. Noro Kayo: “I have a chance at this too. Should i? I’ll go for it!” (2nd old girl to declare her participation. She was captain of SDN48.)

4. Yamamoto Sayaka: “I still have a long way to go, gotta work hard.” (one half of NMB48’s double center)

5. Watanabe Miyuki: “Of cos i’m participating. I wanna sing in the 32nd single!” ( the other half of NMB48’s double center)

6. Yamada Nana: “The regretful moments last year..this year i want to smile with everyone!” (3rd center after Sayanee and Miyuki in NMB48)

7. Kitahara Rie: “How do i participate?I”ll work hard.” (this confused girl needed fans to show her the registration form)

8. Abe Maria: “If i want to topple the seniors i have to appear in the elections!” (appeared in janken senbatsu last year)

9. Shimada Haruka: “I have never ranked in during the past 3 years. There may be people who think i won’t rank in this year, but it’s because of this regret that people strive to improve.” (she’s a outspoken girl who aims to become Takamina)

10. Fujie Rena: “Nothing starts if  i don’t apply to be a candidate!” (one of the lower ranked girls if i rmb correctly)

11. Matsui Rena: “Even though the elections is not a welcoming event, i still want to know what it means to be myself.” (1st SKE center to opt in)

12. Takajo Aki: “I’m not confident this year since my activities have been low key. But i want everyone in Japan to be able to see the ME in JKT48!” (she’ll probably get alot of new votes from indonesia)

13. Oba Mina: “Actually i was already thinking about my poster concept and costume for the elections. Pls give me your suggestions!”

14. Miyawaki Sakura: “I’ll update my feelings later!” (she was the only girl from HKT48 who ranked in last year i think)

15. Kodama Haruka: “If there is a chance I would like to challenge it.” (the original center of HKT48)

16. Tashima Meru: “I would like to challenge the elections. Will update my feelings again.” (she became center of HKT48’s debut single whilst still a research student)

17. Watanabe Mayu: “I decided to enter as soon as i heard about it. Of cos i want to get No.1!” (there is now an official site with live updates of members who have submitted their candidacy papers and Mayuyu is the first to do so)

18. Sashihara Rino: “It’ll be tough, but i’m entering for the sake of HKT. Everyone in HKT is looking at me. If i don’t enter, the rest can’t move on. Even though i was 4th last year, i’m sorry that the fans’ joy was short-lived. “ (transferred to HKT48 last year due to scandal which hit her right after the elections)

19. Takayanagi Akane (SKE48 team KII captain)

20. Yakata Miki (SKE48 team KII)

21. Furukawa Airi (SKE48 team KII)

22. Sato Amina: ” I want to know how much i have changed since last year’s elections. What are your suggestions for my poster concept?” (AKB48)

23. Murashige Anna (HKT48, half Russian)

24. Yokoyama Yui (AKB48/NMB48 member)

25. Kimoto Kanon (SKE48 Team E captain)

26. Oya Masana (SKE48 Team S)

27. Kizaki Yuria (SKE48 Team S)

28. Suda Akari: “This is where all my fans want me to be!”  (SKE48 Team S, legendary fisher)

29. Ishida Anna (SKE48 Team K/AKB48 Team B)

30. Kato Rena (AKB48 Team B)

31. Shimazaki Haruka (i was starting to think she’d never sign up)

32. Miyazawa Sae: “I’ll believe in everyone and myself, pls support me!” (transferred to shanghai last year)

33. Suzuki Mariya (transferred to shanghai last year)

34. Kashiwagi Yuki: “I want to run for those who’re cheering me on!” (with her participation, half of the kami7 have now signed up)

35. Ohori Megumi: “My husband said that if i didn’t have the will to compete, it would be rude to the other contestants, so he was against the idea initially. But he told me that i’d have a place to return to if i fought hard and lost, so i finally decided. I will compete bearing the dreams of all the wives and aunties in Japan!” (another OG – graduated girl who was 1st in popularity in SDN48)

36. Oshima Yuko (whew, what’s an election without the defending champion)

37. Kojima Haruna

38. Matsui Jurina

39. Nakanishi Yuka

40. Umeda Ayaka (AKB48 Team B captain)

41. Kikuchi Ayaka

42. Sato Sumire

43. Takahashi Minami

44. Minegishi Minami: “I was really hesitant because people think i don’t have the rights to participate this time. But i came to know about the fans who wanted me to appear and have a chance at supporting me. I think i will have a difficult time stepping forward if i pull away this time. Even if the results are bad, i will accept it. I handed in my applications as i want to move forward. Please look after me.” (Omg i truly don’t understand this girl. She should have stayed away like Masuda Yuka but this just means more drama for us.)

45. Itano Tomomi  ( According to a news article, she appeared at the special counter set up at the Chiba Handshake Session on Sunday, filled up a form, smiled coolly and left. Even the staff was surprised and said “I don’t think anyone expected that.”.)

46. Kawaei Rina

47. Iriyama Anna: “I’m looking forward to seeing a different scenery on that day!”

48. Hirajima Natsumi (She was forced to quit when a dating/underage drinking scandal tainted her career, none of the fans were prepared for this comeback.)

49. Kuramochi Asuka: “I was the last, sorry for worrying everyone.” (she must have been too busy betting on horses!)

Not Participating:

1. Masuda Yuka: “General Elections. It’s interesting and i’m interested. But i quit AKB to take responsibility for my actions. Talking about entering the elections is still too early. I will work hard to gain back the trust from fans. So i’m not taking part this time. Pls support me from now on!” (girl was involved in a scandal with ISSA last year)

2. Erena Ono: “I can understand all your feelings. But i wanted to strive for my dreams in a new environment with a new me.Alone. So i can only walk forward and this feeling will not change.” (graduated AKB48 years ago to pursue a solo career)

3. Yonezawa Rumi: “I’m not doing it, sorry. I’m already walking on a new path, i’ll work hard from here.” (left AKB48 last year after a scandal)

4. Maeda Atsuko: “I’m not participating. I’m going overseas for a shoot in June. But i’ll be cheering on everyone from the bottom of my heart.” (her participation in this would really make headlines, so it’s rather disappointing for those waiting for some drama)

5. Nakaya Sayaka: “I’ve already made up my mind. I’m not participating!” (graduated this year to be a seiyuu)

6. Nito Moeno : ” I have decided to stay away from AKB48 activities and have no intentions of returning.” (announced graduation this year)

7. Nakagawa Haruka: “Because i’m useless, i don’t think i can juggle activities from both the elections and JKT48. I will only cause further confusion for everyone. Please let me concentrate on my activites in JKT48! I will grow to become someone worthy of the elections. Until then, please wait for me!”

8. Matsubara Natsumi (she was the only one from Team A who didn’t rank in last year)

9. Akimoto Sayaka : “It has been 8 years with the group and I would like to step up. My dream is to be an actress.I have been thinking about the timing to announce my graduation and this is the best time to do it. ”

10. Mukaida Manatsu: “I enjoy talking to my fans through handshake sessions. Do come and see me then!” ( SKE next generation ace, is she graduating or what!?)

11. Mika Komori: “I have been troubling over this decision.Sorry for not being able to fulfill your expectations.” (she barely made it into top 64 last year)

On the fence:

1. Takajo Aki: “What should i do about the elections?” (transferred to jakarta after dropping out of TOP16 last year)

2. Haruka Nakagawa: “About the elections..let me think about it for abit.” (transferred to jakarta last year)

3. Ohori Megumi: “If it was the past me, i would have jumped at the chance. But the environment for me is different now. As a wife, i can’t make this decision easily. Please let me think about it.” (one of the old girls, graduated in 2010 and got married this year)

4. Miyazawa Sae: “About the elections, let me think about it from now on!” (transferred to shanghai last year)

5. Takahashi Minami: “Don’t you think it’s weird for the General Manager to take part in elections? My position makes it difficult. I’ll be troubling over this for the remaining 4 days.”

6. Nakanishi Yuka (basically she’s worried about the financial burden on her fans since she barely made it last year)

Alright, the deadline to submit candidacy papers is over so the list above is the final contenders for this year’s elections. The past week has been rather exciting, with Mayuyu charging ahead to declare her participation, Minegishi Minami and Sashihara Rino submitting their papers despite the big hoo-ha surrounding their scandals, but what made my day was really Itano Tomomi’s face popping up on the last day despite her graduation announcement. 

I still have loads to say so stay tuned for my next post!

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  1. kir March 29, 2013 at 6:17 am #

    thank for the update, keep up the good work! \(^v^)/

  2. jade April 9, 2013 at 1:02 am #

    can I post your translation of Miichan’s blog in Miichan’s thread?
    It’s seem that you’re the only person has translated it up to now
    thanks in advance

    • allthingsjpop April 9, 2013 at 2:31 am #

      Hello Jade,

      Pls go ahead, i’m happy enough if my translations are being read.
      You don’t need to ask actually, just remember to post a link back to my site!


      • jade April 9, 2013 at 6:59 pm #

        thank you
        It’s because I was so careless last time
        so I want to ask you first

      • allthingsjpop April 9, 2013 at 8:48 pm #

        No worries not blaming u or anything. Just enjoy the translations.

  3. Netemo Sametemo May 21, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    AKB48 32nd single Senbatsu General Election
    How To Install and Vote AKB Mobile Apps for iOS
    Let’s Vote for Kashiwagi Yuki ! Yukirin !(period 5.21-6.7)

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