Kuramochi Asuka wins at horse racing and gets a solo debut!

7 Apr


Following Kasai Tomomi’s win in “AKB no Gachi Uma” last year, Kuramochi Asuka has now become the winner in Season 2 of this horse betting campaign. Organized by JRA(Japan Racing Association), the campaign requires members of AKB48 who are over 20 years old to bet on horse races. The member who gets the highest points will win a CM with JRA, which is scheduled to air on 26th May. As the winner, Kuramochi will also get to make a solo debut and release her first photobook.

While the title of her single is not confirmed, she hopes that it will be a spring-like song. She’s also trying her hand at writing the lyrics for the coupling songs.

Congratulations to Mocchi because getting all these perks means she can graduate AKB48 sooner than others! Well, that’s if she does well. As far as i know, her voice isn’t something to look forward to.

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