AKB48 arrives in Singapore for Tokyo Auto Salon event

13 Apr

16 members from AKB48 touched down at Changi Airport at 6am this morning to attend a flurry of activities for Tokyo Auto Salon in Singapore. Despite the overnight flight, the girls smiled cheerfully for the cameras.

Kikuchi Ayaka(left) is seen wearing that $300 dress from Disney Marie collection. She had previously modeled this dress together with Shimazaki Haruka in a CM here. Sato Sumire(right) appeared wearing a mask, but what is more eye-catching is her Louis Vuitton bag. Teenage girls carrying LV bags?!

Abe Maria(left) looks chic in a black-white ensemble. Those overalls she’s wearing are apparently quite popular in Japan now. Akimoto Sayaka’s over-sized shirt and quirky skeleton tights seems weird. Again, we see a big LV backpack here.

This girl is……Sato Amina? Maybe she doesn’t care about airport fashion.

For more pics, pls visit www.akb-sg.net. Thank you for all these great pictures!

The girls then appeared in Marina Bay Sands for a press conference. Shimada Haruka blanked out at some point while answering a question. She was helped by Akimoto Sayaka, who turned around from her seat to whisper her the answer. Akimoto Sayaka rounded up the interview by saying that she wanted to try filming a sexy music video since she’s already 24, and that’s when someone from the press shouted “Bohemian!”. Hearing that, she laughed and decided that she’d try this concept next.

More pics of the press conference below. Credits to Tokyo Auto Salon Facebook.

And finally, a couple of closeups with my favorite members, credits to hpility@blogspot.
Kawaei Rina and Abe Maria are so cute!

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