HD fancams of AKB48 concert in Singapore

14 Apr


Today is Day 2 of AKB48’s appearance at the Tokyo Auto Salon event and they delivered as many as 7 songs for their 1 hour concert, delighting the wild fans off-stage. Before the concert started, the 16 members did a self introduction in english, and Akimoto Sayaka received the loudest cheers when it came to her turn. Enjoy the concert below!



Heavy Rotation 


Tenohira ga Kataru Koto 


Everyday Kachuusha/Aitakatta/ Manatsu no Sounds Good


So Long!


Flying Get




Gingham Check


First Rabbit (Part 1)

First Rabbit (Part 2)


Encore: Heavy Rotation


Credits to ahhui90@YouTube for these great fancams. I wish i had gone there in person to enjoy the live =( , but the fancams sorta made up for it.



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