Matsui Rena gains captaincy in SKE48 team shuffle

14 Apr

On 13th April, a major team shuffle was announced for SKE48 during their concert in Nagoya.This is a first time for the group ever since they were formed in 2008.

Captaincy of SKE48 and Team S will be given to Nakanishi Yuka, who is a first generation member. Takayanagi Akane will continue to captain Team KII, and Matsui Rena will transfer from Team S to captain Team E.

A number of members have also been shuffled to other teams. Here is the new team chart, credits to fake49@tumblr.

The announcement was made towards the end of their concert and Matsui Jurina could not hide her shocked expression. When she learnt that she’d remain in Team S, she was visibly happy. The biggest change fell upon Rena, who vowed to make Team E the “warmest team”.

“Even though i like Team S alot, with this change, i’m looking forward to experiencing new things,” she wrote in her google+.


In another twist, Matsumura Kaori, who is the oldest and longest running research student in AKB history, has chosen to become a “lifelong honorary research student” in SKE48. On her google+, she mentioned she’ll continue to work hard under this title, to which Sashihara Rino of HKT48 replied “Congrats and work hard! I kinda like you.”.

Update: Apparently, this was an offer made to her by Akimoto Yasushi, who believes that she will only thrive if she remains as a research student. In exchange, she will get a solo debut from an indies label, and only 1000 copies of her CD will be for sale.


I did a little research on Kaori and apparently, she’s been a KKS for ~4yrs, and was passed over for promotion several times. Some netizens say she’s got an attitude problem so the management dislike her. Nevertheless, she took matters into her own hands and built her popularity using google+ and video podcasts and was ranked 34th in last year’s elections.

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