Minegishi Minami makes her way back into mainstream media

22 Apr

AKB48’s Minegishi Minami will be on the cover of women’s magazine Fujinkoron, selling April 22nd.  This is her first appearance in a magazine since her sleepover scandal at GENERATIONS member Alan Shirahama’s house back in January. An interview titled “The truth to why I shaved my head” was included in the magazine.

In the interview, she expressed her ardent love and the passion for AKB and talked about how she felt at the time of hair-shaving.

“It was not because I was mentally out of control, but it was a result of thinking what I should do to convey my feeling of apology. And I thought I wanted to convey it in a visible form, then, what went through my mind was “Shaving my head””

Her act has been reported sensationally not only in Japanese media but worldwide, with most reactions being negative.

She said: “Looking back, I think what I did might be an immature and ignorant act.”

She also revealed the reaction of her fellow members, staffs and her family members at the time of incident.

“What broke my heart the most was the fact that I made my parents cry.”

Her parents, especially her mother was shocked as a woman and cried so hard. That was the hardest moment in the whole chain of events.

“I made my parents feel devastated. It’s my duty to practice filial piety and make them feel happy.”

On the reason why she dared to go as far as shaving head to stay in the showbiz, she explained: “There’re countless people who are trying to make a living in Showbiz. But only a handful will be recognized by many people. The reason why I could become one of those handful is because I’m a part of AKB48. The reason why I can join variety kinds of work is also because I’m here in AKB48.”

Regarding her future, she said: “I’ll keep participating in activities as a research student. I will try my best on the stage so that people sense something has changed in me. Also, I want people to see me without a wig. Someday I want to graduate AKB48, celebrated by lots of people…. that is my current goal. “

Credits to akbwrapup for the translations


In addition, she also made an appearance as part of AKB48 in a special episode of “Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!”, a variety show where members have to take academic tests to determine the most stupid member. Although Miichan had been allowed to continue hosting AKB48’s own regular show “Kousagi Dojo” after her scandal, she had been left out of the member lineup for other TV shows ever since. Her appearance this time, plus that magazine coverage, is perhaps a sign that she has been forgiven by the management, and ready to make a comeback.

However, it comes at a price. The media only seems interested in the news value of her post-scandal, judging by the content they are publishing/airing about her. In “Mecha-Mecha Iketeru”, she appeared in a bald-head wig. On the walls of the classroom, a big signage says “Love Ban Law”, as if referencing her scandal. When she asked for permission to remove her bald-head wig, the MC said no, because her wig-less head is only fit for show on YouTube. Throughout the show, he also kept making a dig at her scandal by asking if she’s repenting.

Now, before the Miichan fans misunderstand, please realise that this is a variety show and it was probably filmed this way to make people laugh. Although it was probably very humiliating for Miichan, this is something she’ll need to get over if she wants to continue working in the industry.

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