Member shuffle announced on last day of AKB48’s Budoukan concert

28 Apr


Promoted KKS:

Hirata Rina – AKB Team K

Sasaki Yukari –AKB Team A

Omori Miyu –AKB Team B

Members withdrawn from sister groups:

Kitahara Rie – will return to AKB Team K (she shouted “No!No!No!” when this was announced)

Yokoyama Yui – will return to AKB Team A

Kotani Riho- will return to NMB Team N

Ishida Anna – will return to SKE Team S

Members joining sister groups(whilst keeping their position in current teams):

Oba Mina(AKB) – SKE Team K2

Ichikawa Miori(AKB) – NMB Team N

Furuhata Nao(SKE) – AKB Team K

Yagura Fuko(NMB) – AKB Team A

Kodama Haruka(SKE) – AKB Team A

Miyazawa Sae(SNH) –AKB Team K

Suzuki Mariya(SNH) – AKB Team A

Takajo Aki(JKT) – AKB Team B

Members continuing with sister groups:

Matsui Jurina (AKB Team K, SKE Team S)

Watanabe Miyuki (AKB Team B, NMB Team N)

Nakagawa Haruka (JKT Team J)

New HKT48 Theater Manager :

Sashihara Rino

Some of these girls have just been shuffled into their current positions 6 months ago and are probably just getting chummy with their new teams…i’m sure it must have been quite a shock judging from their expressions. But if i have to guess, i think the management must have pulled them out because they aren’t pulling in extra fans for the group they’ve joined. Jurina and Milky on the other hand, must have done quite well…..what are your thoughts on the shuffle?

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