Tegomass doll up in cat suits for new song!

19 May

This is abit late, but here is the full PV for Tegomass’ new song “Neko Chudoku”!

The song portrays the characteristics of a cat – its greediness, temper and my pace attitude. It’s a one of a kind choice(how many songs in the industry are about cats?!), but perfect for the style of Tegomass. For the PV, the boys dressed up in cat suits and delivered a cute choreography utilising their costumes. Hoping they perform their lives in these cat suits too!


If you’re interested in getting Tegomass’ new single, Neko Chudoku, click on the pictures below to purchase!

Neko Chudoku / Tegomass (Tegomasu) CD+DVD, Limited Edition

Neko Chudoku / Tegomass (Tegomasu) CD Only, Regular Edition

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