Itano Tomomi reveals her New York MV “1%”

25 May

With the AKB48 5th General Elections coming up soon, there’s no better time to make a comeback now to raise her profile. That said, i think Tomochin did a great job with her song choice this time. The dance number is very catchy, her costumes also bring out the fashionista in her, but i was more impressed with the quality of her music video. Filmed in New York, there are scenes of her dancing on the rooftop of a skyscraper, her riding a horse(?!), and even her snuggling in the arms of a foreign male. She seems keen on throwing away the sweet/innocent image of most girls from idol groups for the “cool” look like Koda Kumi/Namie Amuro. A diva in the making perhaps?  But i wish she had stronger vocals to begin with.


If you’re interested in purchasing her single “1%”, click on the pictures below.

1% / Tomomi Itano Type A(CD+DVD)

1% / Tomomi Itano Type B(CD+DVD)

1% / Tomomi Itano Regular (CD)


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