Akimoto Yasushi makes his predictions about Sasshi,Mayuyu & Yuko in the upcoming elections

26 May

The overall producer of all the 48 groups, Akimoto Yasushi, commented on Sashihara Rino topping the AKB48 5th General Elections after the initial vote count.

“It’s like putting in all your energy in the first lap of a school marathon,” suggesting that Sasshi’s votes will lose its momentum in the remaining days left.

“However, Sashihara is seriously aiming for the top. All the younger fans are gathering their votes from Hakata,” he analyzed.

Regarding the eventual winner, he said “Of course Yuko is a strong contender. Mayuyu has the potential to win it too. Takamina, Shinoda and Kojima should also be moving up.”

He also predicted that girls like Itano Tomomi, Yokohama Yui, Umeda Ayaka, Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki will move up the ranks.


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