Election talk and predictions from AKB48 members/Aki P/Industry Veterans

30 May

From Kayou Kyoku

MC Nakai: How did Sashihara end up being No.1? Thanks to your family?
Sasshi: I put in 10 votes for myself.
MC Nakai: You can do that? What do the rest of you think?
Takamina: It’s really a great thing. Getting the top position is difficult afterall.
MC Nakai: What about Kojima?
Kojima: I’m in the 20th spot. I’m now quite anxious.
MC Nakai: What happens to the winner?
Takamina: She becomes the center for the next single.
Sasshi: What do i do? Do you think i’ll be welcomed? (She thinks she’s already won the elections.)
MC Nakai: I don’t know. I don’t want to take responsibility for my comment.
Sasshi: What do i do? I am very troubled.
MC Nakai asks Hiromi Go if he thinks Sasshi can become the face of AKB.
Hiromi Go laughs.


From Press Conference for Team Surprise’s new song

Sasshi: I’m expecting my ranking to drop, so i’m wondering to what extent it will drop until.
Mariko: I’ve always called her Sashiko, but now i’m calling her “Sashihara sama”(honorific term for someone to be respected)
Kojima: I’m in 2oth position now. I’ll work hard in order to catch up to Sashihara sama.
Reporter: Oshima san, do you think you can continue your winning streak?
Yuko: I don’t know, since Sashihara sama is making a grand entrance this time.


Paruru’s expectations (from random variety show)

Paruru: I’m okay with any position, as long as it’s not a boring position.
MC: What’s a interesting position to you?
Paruru: 1? or outside top 64.
MC: That’s very cool of you!
MC: What if you were asked to participate as a member of SKE as well?
Paruru: I’ll quit.
MC: What about SNH48?
Paruru: I’ll quit too.


From Waratte Iitomo

Tamori San: Sashihara, you’re getting arrogant now right?
Sasshi: No no! I’m only thinking how far my ranking will drop.
Tamori San: The results are weird! Kashiwagi is definitely cuter than you! Shinoda is also cuter than you!
Sasshi: This is not a kawaii ranking!
Tamori san then commented that her entrance to Music Station last week was already showing signs of arrogance, which she denied.


From Ichiban Song Show

MC: Is there a member whom you don’t want to lose to?
Takamina: Sashihara desu.
Yuko: I don’t want to lose to Sashihara too. She was 4th last year, so there’s a possibility of her winning this time.
Sasshi: But last year i was still in AKB. I don’t know about the results since i’m no longer part of AKB now.
MC: What happened last year?
Sasshi: My photos were leaked. -_- But since Minegishi is here today, please forget about my scandal for today.
MC: But people will remember it.
Sasshi: Then…pls mention it.
Minegishi: Sashihara gave me lots of advice! As a senior..(who got into trouble)
MC: What advice did she give?
Minegishi: Don’t read whats on the Internet. (lol, that’s pretty sound advice)
MC claps his hand gleefully.
Sasshi: Because her news made its way all over to England.
MC: What are the British saying about her?
Sasshi: That she’s a crazy girl.


Akimoto Yasushi talk with Takashi Okamura(Comedian from Mecha Mecha Iketeru)

Takashi: Sasshi is first now, but i think she’ll go down rapidly from here.I’m sorry, but I think she should be around 16 from the start.
Aki P: She seems to be aiming for No. 1, even though it seems like a joke. If not for her, HKT48 wouldn’t be this successful, the girls in HKT48 like her and keep calling her “sister”.
Takashi: I think Oshima and Nabe(Watanabe Mayu) will be fighting for the top spot eventually.
Aki P: Both of them are quite strong..
Takashi: Who is this No.8?
Aki P: She’s quite popular in handshake sessions. Together with Suda Akari
Takashi: I totally don’t know her sorry!
Aki P: They are totally different from Paruru, who’s the salty type. I thought maybe she would change after Mecha Ike, but her salty character is good.
Takashi: Takahashi Minami should be somewhere 3rd.
Aki P: Maybe Sashihara should be around 18, or higher.
Takashi: Itano should be higher than 14 right?
Aki P: I hope she can be in Kami7. If she can’t get in, maybe she was dragged down by her cold image from the Mecha Ike special.
Takashi: I’m sorry Itano! She’s really a great girl! So i hope she can climb higher! What about Kojima?
Aki P: I think her position should climb higher eventually, but of cos, the fans of the first generation are slower from the start.
Takashi: Yeah, maybe they don’t care about the initial results.
-Skip Minegishi Minami part since i don’t understand.-
Aki P: NMB48’s Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki should also be ranked high from the sister group’s perspective.
Takashi: Akimoto san, who are the members who are really important from now on, irregardless of the results from elections?
Aki P: Now that we’re talking about the change in generations, of course, Watanabe Mayu/Jurina/Shimazaki Haruka/Kawaei Rina…
Even though Kawaei is still 33, i think she will go up further, but she probably doesn’t realise the importance of her position.
Takashi: Yeah, she probably thinks it’s a good position anyway.
-Skip part about Matsumura Kaori-
-Skip part about Umeda Ayaka-
-Skip part about Iriyama Anna-
-Skip part about Muto Tomu-
-Skip part about Takajo Aki-
Aki P: This is Yokoyama Yui. She’s probably the only girl in AKB48 who won’t cause a scandal.
Takashi: You can’t be sure about that!!!
-Skip part about Tashima Meru/Tomonaga/Kodama-
Takashi: Will Sashihara really win? No way, it should be Yuko right?
Aki P: Yuko is strong right? Matsui Rena, Kashiwagi are also strong. Mariko shouldn’t be at 15 also.
Takashi: Yeah, she told the juniors to crush her last year. But who’s the first? Maybe Nabe?(Watanabe Mayu)
Aki P: Previously when i was preparing her solo song, i thought maybe she should shed her idol image, so i wrote something and sent her. She texted me and said it wasn’t what she expected,even though she understood my intentions. In the end, i edited the song. I mean, i have no choice since she said so! But if it were Sashihara, she would have gotten angry at me.

From AKBingo

This episode gathered industry professionals(people who worked with or watched the girls) to comment on their potential ranking.
Part 1: Who is likely to clinch the top position? 
Voting Results: Yuko(5votes) Mayuyu(3 votes) Paruru(1 vote)
“Oshima Yuko’s appeal video had 20,000 views more than the 2nd most watched appeal video.”
“Oshima Yuko is a representative of the fans’ wishes. If No.1 goes to Mayuyu, it’s like succumbing to Akimoto Yasushi’s plans.”
“I went to watch Team A’s theater stage. Her greatness was overwhelming. She loved all the fans, and she always smiled.”
“Oshima Yuko’s votes decreased by 20,000 while Mayuyu’s fans increased by 20,000 in last year’s elections.If this continues, Mayuyu will overtake Yuko.”
“Mayuyu is too perfect, to the point that i don’t feel the need to support her.”
“Shimazaki has alot of potential, she has been hiding her real strength all these while.”
“Shimazaki always had this sad face in the Sayonara Crawl PV.”

Part 2: Who are the members to look out for?
Voting Results: Double Matsui/NMB48 Centers/Jurina/Paruru/Sasshi/Takajo Aki/Shimada Haruka/OGs Megumi-Noro/Watanabe Miyuki

“If the NMB centers don’t get into Senbatsu, it’ll be bad for NMB”
“Miyuki is cute. I was “fished” after chatting with her, and created a talking corner just for her.” – TV Show Director
“The girls who will take over the world in 3 years are Double Matsui. You can’t hate them.”
“Paruru’s google+ followers have been increasing rapidly this year.”
“All of the votes from Jakarta will go to Akicha, the fans there can’t possibly vote for anyone else.”
” If Akicha can’t get into Senbatsu this year, JKT48 should just disband.”
“Sasshi should move up a spot from last year, she’s energized HKT48 after transferring there last year.”
“Sasshi didn’t support HKT48 at all! The group was already popular before she went in. In fact, she lucked out.”
“I would prefer Sasshi to rank at 16, the dangerous spot.”


From Music Station

MC Tamori: What did you all think of the initial results?
Takamina: Well, i laughed when Sashihara was revealed to be No.1
MC Tamori: I also burst into laughter.
Kojiharu: I was at the theater when they announced. Everyone also burst into laughter. In the history of AKB, no one has ever laughed when the initial rankings were announced. As expected of Sashihara..
Yuko: If Sashihara is No.1, i wonder what will happen to the group? Maybe we will become a comedy group?
Shinoda: I think being a comedy group will be interesting for us? I’m of the stance that her becoming No.1 is a good thing, but the results tomorrow will probably be different?
Sashihara: I had a bad feeling when i learnt of my ranking, but Yuko sent me a message to say that it’s interesting, so i was comforted. I thought Yuko will be No.1.
Yuko : Why didn’t you name yourself?
Sashihara: Because Yuko is my senior and someone i respect.



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