Fallen girls of AKB48 comment on each other’s scandals

6 Jun

Hello guys, this is one post i’ve been intending to publish for a long time. As the sources are from several places, it took some time before i was able to extract, translate and rearrange it here. Basically, these are media interviews of the scandal-clad AKB48 girls. In the interviews, the girls  talk about their scandals, and also voice opinions about fellow fallen members who have either left the idol business or chosen other forms of punishments.


What OG Hirajima Natsu thinks of Minegishi Minami’s punishment
Takamina: What kinda feelings did you have when you decided to participate in this year’s elections?
Hirajima: My mum told me she would be happy if i participated, but i was very scared. I could have avoided all the tensions of being a participant, but i went to Miichan(Minegishi Minami)’s house to discuss.
Miichan: Yes we talked about it all night long. Like the pros and cons of participating. In the end, we decided to go for it.
Hirajima: When Miichan submitted her papers, i worked up my courage and joined in.
Miichan: I always wanted to know what Hirajima thinks of my decision to stay on as a research student. Afterall, you chose a completely different route by quitting AKB48 and moving on.
Hirajima: I couldn’t choose the route you’re taking now. I think you’re very brave. You chose a tough road and painful road.I was moved by your decision.
Miichan tears up….

Source: Here



What HKT48 members think of Sashihara Rino’s transfer
???: She’s someone we can learn from and she’ll be a great addition to our group, but i feel like there will be a wall between us.
Murashige Anna: If she joins Team H, there might be someone who will have to be dropped out of Team H. I feel kinda scared.
-Interview with Sasshi in private-
Sashihara: I think everyone in HKT48 will dislike me, but since they are all innocent, i think we will become friends quickly.
Interviewer: Do you think the transfer is a good thing eventually?
Sashihara: It is. If not for the transfer, things wouldn’t have changed and i won’t have a goal to work towards like now.
Interviewer: What are your goals for this year’s elections?
Sashihara: If i rank higher, i can appear on TV. And if there’s any additional person who learns of HKT48, it’ll be better.

Source: Here

Kikuchi Ayaka

What Kikuchi Ayaka thinks of Sashihara Rino’s punishment
Kikuchi: Frankly speaking, i think it’s too light a punishment, because i was fired for getting into a scandal last time. However, i can see that she’s working hard.
-Talk about Kikuchi re-auditioning to become a AKB48 member again-
Kikuchi: I was asked about my past unpleasant memories. I was quite shocked, but i hanged on and tried to show them i was working hard.

Source: Here



What Minegishi Minami thinks of Sashihara Rino’s scandal
Minegishi Minami: I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, she should shave her head like me.
Sasshi: No way!

Source: Here


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