King of Trouble Akanishi Jin makes his comeback

25 Jun

Akanishi Jin, who has been sidelined by his agency since marrying actress Kuroki Meisa last year, is finally restarting his activities as a singer after 1.5 years. According to a joint statement by Johnny’s Associates and Warner Music, he will be releasing a new single on 7th Aug. Titled “Hey what’s up?”, it is a up tempo dance number which he composed and wrote lyrics for.

Akanishi commented, “I never stopped making songs even during the hiatus, and I was longing for this day to come. I hope fans who waited for my comeback for a long time will be happy with it“.


Some background info about him:
– First guy in Johnny’s to quit his group(KAT-TUN) to go solo
– Loves american culture, made a U.S debut in 2011
– Married Kuroki Meisa secretly after she became pregnant in Feb 2012. His agency was infuriated and froze all his activities.
– Rumors say Johnny’s talents have been ordered to stay away from Jin, but his close buddies continue to go clubbing with him.
– Is basically a stay-at-home dad while Meisa continues working as an actress.

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