Watanabe Mayu’s full PV for trumpet song “Rappa Renshuuchu”

27 Jun

Watanabe Mayu’s 4th solo single “Rappa Renshuuchu” or “Practising the Trumpet” is set to be released on July 10.

Akimoto Yasushi revealed that he had actually composed lyrics which wasn’t idol-style, hoping Mayuyu can try something new. While Mayuyu was recording, she didn’t feel like it was suitable, so she requested that Akimoto change the lyrics. Akimoto Yasushi said he was happy to see Mayuyu’s growth in working with him as an equal to deliver better music.

In related news, “Rappa Renshuuchu” will be used as the theme song for her edition of the variety show “Real Dasshutsu Game”. More info here.

Check out the PV preview and full song below!


Looking to purchase Mayuyu’s latest single?

One Response to “Watanabe Mayu’s full PV for trumpet song “Rappa Renshuuchu””


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    […] dancing and smooth vocals…Mayuyu is constantly the epitome of perfection. Thank goodness she insisted on changing the lyrics this time, as her previous single (which i can’t recall) was a total disaster. Some fans are actually […]

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