First perf of Yamapi’s summer single “Summer Nude 13”

1 Jul

After releasing a string of forgettable singles, Yamapi is now back with fresh sound for his upcoming drama “Summer Nude”. Wait, fresh isn’t the most accurate term to use here since his song is actually a remake of “Endless Summer Nude”, released in 1997 by the Magokoro brothers.(I guess he finally abandoned his previous producers for something that’s more tried and tested.)

The difference between the 2 versions? Not much actually, the background music is practically the same, just that Yamapi’s voice is much better than the Magokoro brothers.

Remake or not, the song is easy on the ears and has this breezy feel which makes it rather enjoyable. It actually reminds me of the classic songs that accompanied Kimura Takuya’s hit dramas in the 90s. Will “Summer Nude 13” finally be the turning point in Yamapi’s career?

Yamapi’s version 

Magokoro brothers’ version


Looking to purchase Yamapi’s next single? Click on the links below:

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