Sashihara Rino serves revenge on Shunkan Bunshun and ex-boyfriend

3 Jul

HKT48’s Sashihara Rino, who is currently enjoying skyrocketing popularity with her recent win in AKB48 5th General Elections, appeared on NTV’s “Dancing Sanma Palace” today. When MC Sanma Akashiya suggested that her scandal probably helped her to win this year’s elections, she said “If not for the report(by Shunkan Bunshun), i probably wouldn’t have gotten where i am today. I would like to thank Shunkan Bunshun. Afterall, they are the ones who gave me all sorts of experience..

When asked on her ideal type, she replied “A guy who keeps secrets“.

Talk then moved on to the reactions on her win.

People around me couldn’t congratulate me sincerely.Up till now, there were 2 groups of people, those who wanted to defend No.1 and those who wanted to take down No.1 . But I won despite having nothing to do with them, so when i visited Akimoto san after the elections, he gave me a face like he didn’t like it.

MC Sanma Akashiya: “I can totally understand his feelings! He must be like ‘You’re the center?!!’ I will have to change my lyrics!!!


I can hear Shunkan Bunshun’s editors raiding in their archives and sharpening their pencils now…

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