AKB48 flaunts fruit fashion in new perf of “Koisuru Fortune Cookies”

6 Jul

Here’s the 2nd live of AKB48’s 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookies”, this time with the full senbatsu from 5th General Elections!

Just when I thought their wardrobe can’t get more colorful than this, these girls came back with something more outlandish and bizarre. What’s with the fruits in their hair and the excessive flowery prints on their costumes? And the glitter..i’m not sure if the theme is Hawaiian or 80s disco fashion here. Not that i hate it,  i like how cute some turned out with their dango hairstyles.

Yuko with mangoes, Mariko with dragonfruits and Kojiharu with acorns.

Jurina joins in the dango look using coconuts.

Sasshi(middle) fails to look cute despite having a whole platter of fruits on her head.

Moving on, i have lots to say about this time’s cameraman. As much as Sasshi is the center, why did he focus so much on her? It was like:

Scene 1: Left Profile of Sasshi
Scene 2: Right Profile of Sasshi
Scene 3: Center Profile of Sasshi
Scene 4: Other member with Sasshi in the background
Scene 5: Another member with Sasshi in the background

After giving her ample screentime, he had to end the performance with a super closed up shot of Sasshi’s eyebags. I don’t know what’s the agenda for giving Sasshi so much airtime, but i certainly expected Music Station to be more professional than this.

A collation of netizen comments:
“Sasshi isn’t suited for center! Disgusting! Half of the airtime was hers. Getting angrier the more i watch.”
“Even Acchan didn’t get so much airtime when she was center.”
“The rest of the girls looks so pretty next to her.”
“The eyebags at the end..”
“This center really knows how to grab attention.”
“The cameraman is drunk?”

If you watch the performance several times over, you’ll also notice that Sasshi was the only one who kept pouting while others smiled or winked. I understand she was trying to be cute, but shouldn’t she try to blend in more with the others with a smile instead?

Now, lets talk about the member who stole the limelight this time:
“Paruru at 1:02 is so cute!”
“I want to see Mayuyu with dango hair!”
“Mayuyu is so cute when she’s turning around!”
“Mayuyu’s so cute and calm/stable!”

I had previously pointed out Yuko as the member who stole the limelight in the first performance of “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”. Looking at the comments this time, the winner is undoubtedly Mayuyu. Indeed, it seems like she was back in Center mode after a lacklustre performance previously. Watch the performance and let me know what you think!


If you’re interested in AKB48’s 32nd single, here are the links to purchase:

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