Netizens flare up over Sashihara Rino’s unscrupulous media play: “If i win the elections again next year….”

14 Jul


Sashihara Rino appeared in Tokyo, Akihabara, on the 9th July to attend the opening of family restaurant chain Gusto’s new branch. She expressed happiness and embarrassment for being the center of AKB48’s new song “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

“Recently, i’ve gotten more airtime because of the center position,” she said. “But i still got nervous when Tamori san was talking to me on Music Station.”

So has she gotten used to the center position yet?

“I think i will calm down when i return to the back rows in the next single,” she said, not forgetting to show her “hetare” character.

“I’ll work hard if there’s elections next year. If i win the elections again, i’ll say “Yeah!” with my arms in the air like Yuko chan,” she said, expressing her ambitions to be the first in AKB history to be the defending champion.


Compare this article to what i posted a few weeks back,where she was saying she will withdraw from the elections next year.

Yahoo JP reactions:
“If she continues to win the antis will go crazy.”
“She’s not glamorous at all.”
“Getting ahead of herself.”
“Isn’t this the opposite of what she said previously? So irritating!”
“I thought she said she’s tired of being the center?”
“When i look at her, i think AKB48 will be over.”
“When she said “Why am i standing at the sides even though i got No.1?” on Music Station, the atmosphere became cold amidst everyone’s shock.”
“She looks old and is so strongheaded..what’s so good about her?”
“Even the center from Nogizaka46 is of a higher level than her!”

“When i look at her, i get irritated.”
“The mayor of her birth town appeared in the elections right? I wouldn’t want to live in that fool’s city.”

“Time for 1-fan-1-vote system to be in place!”

One Response to “Netizens flare up over Sashihara Rino’s unscrupulous media play: “If i win the elections again next year….””


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