Akanishi Jin produces MV for comeback song, proves that he is working hard

20 Jul

So Johnny’s infamous Akanishi Jin aka American wannabe is making a comeback on August 7 with his new song “Hey What’s Up”. He’s going all out to show Warner that he’s still valuable after a lightning marriage to actress Kuroki Meisa last year, what with all the self-composed lyrics, music and even a self-produced MV.

Although this is only a preview, a few looks through and you can tell he’s putting in efforts to keep himself relevant.

His Body
Jawline – check.  Belly fats – Nope. What happened to the fat Jin of yesteryear? He must have gone through some serious dieting to achieve the current look.

credits to omoxiplz@tumblr

He’s dancing!
Those who know him from KAT-TUN days will probably understand how rare it is to see him move his legs. As if to emphasize the fact that he’s returning to some KAT-TUN style dancing, he’s even gotten himself some bright red shoes to complement the nifty footwork!

He loves Tokyo!
Fans will be relieved to know that his current focus is Japan, not U.S. He used to write lyrics in English, it’s as if his first language is English, but look how how his lyrics have evolved. It’s a mix of Japanese and English now! We’re sure he won’t be abandoning promotions to jet off to L.A  this time, because his shirt(s) says it all.


This glaring shirt follows him all the way to recording studio.

This glaring shirt follows him all the way to recording studio.

We get it now Akanishi..

He’s been studying Kpop!
What are all those clubbing scenes, auto-tuning and spiky shades? Has he been hanging out with G-Dragon the past year? If his intentions were to copy kpop, well at least he’s following the trend.

Efforts aside, Akanishi is still Akanishi and some things just never change. That mop of messy hair, the shades that make him seem rude instead of cool….I wonder how many fans are still rooting for him and how well his single will do this time?


If you’re interested in getting Akanishi Jin’s upcoming single, click on the links below!

3 Responses to “Akanishi Jin produces MV for comeback song, proves that he is working hard”

  1. Ginger July 23, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

    Still rooting for the man. Jin Akanishi is the king of this fangurl. Yey!

  2. Anonymous February 10, 2014 at 6:21 pm #

    He seems like a less successful Japanese version of bieber…


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