Tomochin’s graduation special on Music Station

11 Aug

On 9th August 2013, Itano Tomomi(Tomochin) held her last performance with AKB48 on Music Station. It was yet another evening of tears for fans and members, especially since Shinoda Mariko graduated not long ago on the same stage.

A medley of songs “Koisuru Fortune Cookie/Sakura no Hanabitachi/Ogoe Diamond/Saigo no Door” were presented, the last being Tomochin’s graduation song specially written for her by producer Akimoto Yasushi.

Her last message on stage: “I joined AKB48 when i was 14, and this is the 8th year. There were happy, sad and tough moments, but because fans, staff and members were around, i was able to overcome it.  Music Station is a program i’ve liked since i was young. I will work hard to return to Music Station.”

Translation of Saigo no Door:

Don’t say anymore, pls let me stay like this awhile more
Let me open that door
Memories flow out from the shades, like waterfalls at night
The memories when we first met(those nostalgic days)
The roads we walked together, the countless footprints, the dreams we seeked when we were lost
The last words i wanna say, are words of thanks
Even if i think about it, i have nothing but words of gratitude
If i didn’t meet you, i wouldn’t be here
This is not an ending, but a fresh start
The last thing i can do is to smile and part
No matter how lonely i am, i have to go
Even if tears fall, it will stop
Yes, lets meet in the future

“I’ll wait for you in the future”


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