Maeda Atsuko vs Sashihara Rino’s HKT48: Whose PV received more views?

17 Aug

It hasn’t been more than a few days since Maeda Atsuko and HKT48 released their PVs for upcoming singles “Time Machine nan te Iranai” and “Melon Juice” on YouTube, but the clear winner in terms of view counts has already emerged.

Released 1 day apart(with HKT48’s first followed by Acchan), “Melon Juice” only managed to garner 140,000 views so far, whereas Acchan’s “Time Machine nan te Iranai” easily surpassed it to reach 550,000 views.

On Japanese forums, netizens are calling this “Acchan’s crushing of Sashihara”. It’s a pity their singles won’t be released in the same week cos it’d be so interesting to see a battle of sales between the two.

Other netizen comments:
“Acchan’s become more of an idol after her graduation”
“A-ssan is AKB48’s legend”
“Her cuteness in this PV is amazing, watching it over and over again”
“I want to see her as center in Koisuru Fortune Cookie!”
“I only learnt of HKT48’s new single now.”


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