Takahashi Ai is really dating comedian Abe Kouji!

19 Aug

This is related to a previous post on AllThingsJpop here.

Comedian Abe Kouji(39) appeared at the press conference for trading card game “Battle Spirits” and revealed that he is indeed dating ex-Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai(27).

On recent reports that they are to get married within the year, he said “I’m shocked. It hasn’t been decided. I believe love will blossom, but let me report(on marriage) when i’ve decided.”

On their relationship, he said “We’re dating with good feelings. That means I love her. I think we can walk forward together.” When asked if he has plans for a proposal, he said there were not at that stage yet, but if were to happen, he would propose simply.


Japanese netizen reactions:

“Ai chan, it’s not too late so back out now!”
“He’s divorced with a kid and that alone is reason to reconsider marriage.”
“Her agency issued a statement to say they are friends and now he’s wrecked everything. He is someone who thinks of himself before his partner. It’s better to ditch such a self centered guy.”
“Ai chan, are you sure you’re not being cheated?”
“If it’s Ai chan, she could have gotten a better man..”
“You can’t tell her to ditch him just because he was married before. There are lots of divorced men who are still great, but this guy smells fishy.”
“He’s 12 years older, married, divorced, and has so much life experience, but he’s going around saying “I love you” without considering her position?”
“Ai chan was the cutest girl in the history of Morning Musume. I hope she ends up with anyone other than a celebrity.”
“I don’t get his charm. Wake up, Ai chan!”


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