Compilation of articles on Tomochin’s graduation

29 Aug

AKB48 Music Director Yuasa Junji on Itano “She’s definitely needed in the music industry”

“I’ll be looking forward to her music, lyrics from now on,” says Yuasa Junji, who is the CEO of Sizuk Entertainment and in charge of AKB48’s music.

As the fashion leader of AKB48, Itano is popular among Japanese females and is always 1st or 2nd in popularity among girls auditioning to be part of AKB48. “She’s the kind of person that females look up to and want to become.”


Itano’s vision for starting solo career “I want to change people’s perceptions about my character”

What are you planning to do after graduation?
I want to do music and acting again. I was able to do different kinds of work in AKB, but I’ve never been able to concentrate. I want to work on them properly, one by one.

What are you looking forward to in terms of music work?
I want to do more lives, gain experience and eventually release an album.

So you will be returning as a singer after graduating?
Yes, but not before i go on a holiday. In these 8 years, i haven’t been able to enjoy a 1 week holiday, so i was thinking of going overseas with my family this time.

Which countries are you planning to visit?
I wanna visit the scary theme parks in America! I’ve already checked out the details, seems like there’s something like the Fuji Q Highlands in America.

After graduating, the love ban law will no longer apply to you right?
I want to get into a proper relationship, but it doesn’t mean i quit AKB48 to do that. I want to fall in love, get prettier along the way, and get married in the future.

Your perfect husband is..?
I love children, so he should be someone who takes good care of them. Also, someone who has a big heart.

The chances of you marrying straight after graduation?
Not at all, i want to work properly before getting married.

A last message to your fans?
I am going to keep growing after graduation. As i love music, i’m going to continue in this direction. On top of that, it’d be great if i can show you different sides to myself. I’m going to keep shedding my image,so that you’ll think “Is that really Itano Tomomi?!”.


250,000 people viewed the live broadcast of Tomochin’s theater graduation performance

AKB48’s Itano Tomomi held her last performance at the Akihabara Theater on 27th August 2013.

Towards the end, Oshima Yuko said “I am happy we were able to stand together on stage.” Takahashi Minami said “It’s so tough to send people off, i really thought about graduating ahead of others. I will graduate in my own time, but i also want others to learn the things that Tomo left behind, so i think i’ll stay on for a while more.”

In reply, Itano said “Thanks for the 8 years. Many things have happened these years, and they have served to deepen the friendship between me and the members. The road i have walked so far isn’t wrong. It is fate that brought me together with my members, staff and fans. I am going to work hard to achieve my dreams from now on. All the things i’ve overcome will become my courage to work harder in future.”

Ex AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi also made a special appearance, saying “Congratulations on your graduation. Sorry for not returning your mail. Actually before the graduation we were arguing as usual. Today, we’ll make up.”


“We were always late,” says Kojima Haruna

“When i thought i was the only one running late, Tomo who was wearing sunglasses appeared beside me and we rushed to catch the bullet train or airplane together,” she confessed.


Itano Tomomi names Aigasa Moe as her successor in AKB48

Itano mentioned that she’d become close to 14th generation member Aigasa Moe, who was recently promoted to become a regular member in Team 4.

With her long hair and pretty looks, Aigasa Moe does resemble Itano in several ways. “Please become my successor,” said Tomochin.

Because everyone around her is sporting black hair, Tomochin suggested that Aigasa also dye her hair brown.

Oshima Yuko said “At first, dyeing our hair was against the rules. Tomochin was the only one who got the OK to change her hair color. She was the one who paved the way for us to change our hair color.”


“I wanna go on a normal date” says Itano Tomomi

What did you think of Maeda Atsuko’s appearace in Tokyo Dome for your graduation concert?
I was really surprised. I had actually received a mail to say they weren’t coming. They are 2 people i really like. When they graduated, i was feeling regretful not being able to graduate infront of them. So i was really happy that they showed up.

Do you want to pursue acting like Maeda?
Yes, because the members are trying it out, so i’d like to work hard at it too.

You’ll be able to date once you’ve graduated.
I’d like to date if there’s a good person, but i’m not graduating because i want to date.

Where would you like to go for a date?
Anywhere normal. I have no particular places i wish to go.

What is the first thing you’d want to do after graduating?
I would like to go on a holiday with my family. This is something i haven’t been able to do since i was 14. The location is a secret. (Wells, i think we already know from above that it’s America.)

Kojima Haruna said that there’s only 3 of the 1st generation members left now, and that if she quits there’ll be no more “flower” in the group?
That’s very rude of her(laughs).Miichan is a flower in her own right. There are also lots of juniors, so things will change for AKB48.

Is there talk about changing your image?
I can’t talk about it yet, but i’ll be changing my looks, so please look out for it. Short cut? No way.

What did you talk about with Shimazaki Haruka?
I received a letter from her when i entered the theater today. I thought i’d cry, so i haven’t read it yet. She can’t express herself well in words, so she’s cute like that. She’s like family. I want to write her a letter too.

You were originally a Akihabara Idol, but over the years you’ve become someone whom high school girls look up to.
I’m really happy…This is something like my strength. Because i have these girls looking up to me, i’m able to work hard and be spurred on.




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