Shunkan Bunshun loses suit against AKB48 CEO, to pay Y$1.65m in damages

4 Sep

The courts in Japan have ordered Shunkan Bunshun to pay $1.65m yen in damages to AKS CEO (not sure if he’s the same guy in this scandal), for an article reported back on 18 February 2010, which asserted improper relations between the CEO and AKB48 members.

The judge who gave the final verdict said that it was difficult to prove that there was a relationship between the CEO and AKB48 members, given that the article gave false information, and so was not believable.

Shunkan Bunshun will be appealing this verdict.


Alright i’m really curious what this article was all about. Pls link me to it if you know. Another interesting bit, AKS had actually sued Shunkan Bunshun for $110m yen!!!! I guess they are going all out to crush Bunshun since they always stalk AKB48 members for scandals.

Edit: Came across this article which confirms that the CEO is the same guy who was rumored to be with Kasai Tomomi early this year. However, the member said to be having improper relations with the CEO in this lawsuit was Shinoda Mariko.

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