Kenji Darvish forced to buy a Benz on variety show?

5 Sep

Kenji Darvish bought a Mercedes Benz in a segment of Tunnels no minasan no okage deshita on the 29th that cost him 8.5 million. Fans have then asked him, “No regrets? It seemed like you were forced”.

He updated his blog before with the words,“I just bought a car…”, after the last broadcast where he decided on buying one. Fans started worrying for him.

Then on the 29th, Darvish once again updated his blog with the title, “About me buying a car”.
Thank you so much for all your concern ♪ I’m alright since I chose a car that I like!! And I bought that car from the royalties I earned from my book!
It’s a car that I was able to buy because of all your support! And I’m happy that I was able to show the car to my fans through this program that I love, I’m happy ♪ I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is a present from you guys to me.
I will definitely use this with care. Thank you so much♪


Variety shows are really getting overboard these days. Darvish Kenji had mentioned that he wanted to get a Benz on TV once, since he’d earned 10 million from royalties of his book. But in this show he was dragged to purchase one without warning. Poor guy just lost 85% of his hard-earned money!

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