Golden Bomber’s Kiryuin Sho gets punked on his birthday

6 Sep





Found this video of Kiryuin Sho’s 29th birthday celebrations and thought i should mention it for the handful of Golden Bomber fans here.

So basically members of Golden Bomber and staff organised a secret beef party for Kiryuin Sho. Yutaka Kyan played a very active role in the entire party, doing the MCs, getting everybody to eat up, and even announcing the bill at end of it all. The total bill was revealed to be 160,000Yen (US$1600), which Kyan expressed shock at, before he handed it to Kiryuin Sho for payment.

Kiryuin Sho became wordless….and Kyan said “I heard from many of the staff that you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to treat them.”

Utahiroba Jun and Darvish Kenji chipped in and said “Yeah, we’ve heard that alot.”

Kiryuin Sho finally overcame his shock and agreed to pay the bill, saying “Please don’t leave any food behind!”

He then launched into a short speech to thank staff for helping out Golden Bomber in their concerts thus far, ending off awkwardly with silence, triggering laughter from everyone.

After the party, Kiryuin Sho confessed “I always wanted to go for a meal with all the staff after our live performances. Darvish Kenji was always able to invite the staff out in a cheerful manner, but i’d always found it hard to get the timing right so it’s good to have a chance to treat this time. But 160,000Yen?!!!”

(Kyan interrupted with “Let’s do it again next time!”)

Kiryuin Sho burst out with “Are we doing it again?! I’ve had enough!”

The final scene showed him digging out his pockets for cash to pay the bill, but since he only had 33,000Yen (US$330) , the manager had to lend him money to pay off the meal.

Kiryuin Sho revealed his stingy side too when he whispered to the chef “Next time please use average grade beef!”

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