Kanjani8’s Yokoyama You revealed to be cohabiting with model girlfriend

18 Sep

Shunkan Bunshun strikes again! This time they’ve exposed the relationship between Kanjani8’s Yokoyama You (32) and model Nakano Ryoko(38), and even revealed that they are cohabiting.

The incident which led to this discovery stemmed from a water leakage in an apartment in Minato, Tokyo. On the morning of 31st March, the tenant living 1 floor below Yokoyama You woke up to find water dripping from his ceiling. Efforts were made in vain to find out the cause of this leakage.

“The owner above should come down and apologise, but he didn’t. I asked the property management office for information on the owner, but was told that it was confidential,” said the tenant.

The report which explained this leakage later revealed that the owner was registered as Yokoyama Kimitaka(Yokoyama You’s real name).  Beside his name, the model’s name was also registered.

No comments were given by Yokoyama’s and Nakano’s respective agencies with regards to this report.


Netizen comments are generally in favor of their relationship…..even praising Yokoyama for choosing a woman way older than him!


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