Yamapi unable to save Fuji TV from streak of “Getsu 9” low ratings

18 Sep

Yamashita Tomohisa’s latest drama “Summer Nude” ended its run of 11 episodes yesterday with a final viewership of 11.9% in the Kanto region.

The much anticipated drama boasting all-star casts like Toda Erika, Karina and Nagasawa Masami had started off on a good note with 17.4% in viewership. However, it dropped to 12% after the 1st episode and pretty much maintained until the last episode.

According to personnel related to FujiTV, in the late 90s, their Getsu 9 slot (Monday 9pm) had so much viewership that its value was likened to a plot of land right in the center of Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district.  “Everyone looked up to it. If it was a product, it would definitely be priced high.”

However, the Fuji TV now is in a terrible position, being 4th in position and being crushed by rivals like TBS. A personnel related to Nihon TV said “Getsu 9? They’re like the shops in the suburbs.”

Seems like even Yamapi can’t stop this streak of losses for Fuji. How much longer will this situation drag on for?


Did you guys watch this drama? I slept through the first few episodes and was going to quit it entirely. But the storyline for the side characters (Toda Erika) was interesting so that’s the only reason i pushed through.

One Response to “Yamapi unable to save Fuji TV from streak of “Getsu 9” low ratings”

  1. mastimazak86 July 4, 2016 at 8:58 pm #

    I was able to force through 6 episodes till now. Though I liked yamapi and toda erika in it, I was not happy with karina. She looked much older than yamapi and had that weird habit of sweeping her hair back which she did every 15 mins,maybe to act/look cool. I don’t know whether I will continue watching it.

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