Will Maeda Atsuko successfully marry into the world of Kabuki?

28 Sep

The new-born couple are popular artistes in their own fields. Maeda Atsuko is a former national idol who had her heart broken by ikemen actor Sato Takeru the night she graduated from AKB48. Her partner Onoe Matsuya, dubbed the Prince of Kabuki,is a young man expected to lead the Kabuki world in future.

Ichikawa Ebizo XI, a famous Kabuki actor and heir to the prestigious Ichikawa clan of kabuki actors in Japan, suggested that this relationship is perhaps not a chance for Onoe Matsuya to shine. “Is this ok? His partner is afterall the national idol,” he wrote on his blog.

However, staff for TV stations seem to think that dating a Kabuki actor is actually good for Maeda. “By appearing in NHK’s period drama “Asaki Yumemishi ~Yaoya Oshichi Ibun“, she has actually stepped up her game as an actress, but the ratings for the first episode is only 5.8%. She is still not used to acting in period dramas, but she’ll have more chances to hone her skills by dating Onoe.”

Both Maeda and Onoe will have plenty of merits by dating each other. For Maeda, she will have a chance to marry into the Kabuki world, which is fairly common amongst actresses. Kobayashi Mao was a television announcer and actress before she married Ichikawa Ebizo XI. “Japanese actresses find Kabuki actors appealing. By marrying them, they are assured of a stable life since Kabuki actors earn a stable income, unlike working in the entertainment industry. Also, the status of a traditional arts performer makes them more appealing marriage partners,” a representative from the Kabuki industry said.

So what are the hardships to becoming a Kabuki actor’s wife?

“Firstly, can she withstand being a “temporary” wife? To continue the family lineage, can she work hard until she bears her husband a son? Will she be able to get along well with fellow members of the kabuki world? Is her kimono fashion sense good enough? Is she a person who knows how to say the right words? If she’s of a higher level than the husband in the acting world, can she step back? Can she overlook if her husband cheats on her?” said the representative.

How will the leader of Japan’s pop culture Maeda Atsuko and traditional arts performer Onoe Matsuya overcome their differences and how far can this relationship go?


I thought it was interesting that they are commenting on her marriage prospects when Acchan is only 22 years old and 7 months into her relationship. Anyways, marrying a Kabuki actor sounds like getting locked up in a cage.

If you’re interested in the beginnings of this relationship, pls click here.



3 Responses to “Will Maeda Atsuko successfully marry into the world of Kabuki?”

  1. anon September 28, 2013 at 10:18 am #

    Acchan ever mentioned she wants to get married early. Also she requested Hata Motohiro to sing ‘ai’ for her wedding ceremony is like giving a sign to her fans, that she probably will get married soon, (imo :P)
    Just hope she doesn’t end up like Yuko Takeuchi.


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