Kamenashi Kazuya forms a band and releases theme song for new drama “Sayonara Arigatou”

29 Sep

After what seems like years, Kamenashi Kazuya is finally back with a drama called Tokyo Bandwagon. Based from Yukiya Shoji‘s popular novel of the same title, “Tokyo Bandwagon” depicts the life of Hotta family, a large family who runs a secondhand bookstore and cafe in downtown Tokyo. Known for being meddlesome, the family will try to solve mysterious cases that arises in their area. Kame plays the 2nd son of the Hotta family who is kind at heart but an ex-yankee. He will team up with Tamaki Koji(his father in the drama) to form Hottake Band and release the drama theme song “Sayonara Arigatou“.

Here’s a live performance of the song!

After seeing this, i’m quite pleasantly surprised. The song is lighthearted and upbeat, and Kame seems to be enjoying himself while he sings with a smile. I guess this is much better than the dark/cool songs from KAT-TUN. I’m looking forward to watching the live perf of this!


Song will be released on Nov 6. Purchase HOTTAKE BAND’s new single here!

Sayonara Arigato [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / Hottake Band

Sayonara Arigato [Regular Edition] / Hottake Band

One Response to “Kamenashi Kazuya forms a band and releases theme song for new drama “Sayonara Arigatou””

  1. Mahita April 26, 2016 at 12:38 am #

    I liked the song immensely. kame has sung it well. I liked the mood of the song..

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