The reason why Maeda Atsuko is keeping quiet about her relationship

5 Oct

Maeda Atsuko headed off to the Busan International Film Festival on 3rd October to promote her new movie “Tamako in Moratorium”. However, she did not comment on rumors of her relationship with kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe, which was exposed by the Japanese media 10 days ago.

Someone who claims to know Acchan’s reactions said that she was “happy the secret is now out in the open”. She had told people around her that it would be good if she got married. This made people think that she can’t wait for news of her relationship to be out. Instead of sneaking around, she actually wanted to create an environment where she could date openly.

Up till now, she had avoided the public eye by going on driving dates with Matsuya Onoe,  late night shows in cinemas, or simply going to each other’s house to watch DVDs. This was due to her fear of causing a commotion when seen by the public.

A publisher said that Acchan had met up with Itano Tomomi back in July to play in Tokyo Disneyland. There she confessed to being in a relationship, and talked about hopes of coming to Disneyland with Matsuya Onoe.

On the other hand, Matsuya Onoe has been teased by his playboy friends in the entertainment industry, who thought that Acchan was simply another of his girlfriends. However, he seems determined to prove otherwise now.

If both of them are keen on developing this relationship, it would have been wise to talk about it in her first public appearance since the reports surfaced, but Acchan kept mum all the way.

In fact, before she headed off for Busan from Narita International Airport, she was supposed to meet the press for interviews. However, plans were halted 1hr before the scheduled time, and the press learnt that she had taken off, suggesting her side was keen to avoid/hide something.

A publisher said that Acchan herself was keen to talk about it, but considering she had lots of diehard fans from her AKB era who might not take the news well, her agency is waiting for the right timing to let her comment on it.

Besides, it is understood that there is someone behind the scene who is helping Acchan to deal with all these. The no-show with Japanese media at Narita International Airport was actually devised by this person. At first, Acchan was supposed to arrive at the airport wearing a mask, but as this seemed like she was trying to run away and therefore bad for her image, she was told to wear a cap and smile instead. This person had known about their relationship way earlier, but had kept quiet. He or she probably also knows what Acchan is feeling now.

“Even though Acchan has succeeded as an idol, she does not have much ambitions. She wants to get married and have children by 30. She doesn’t have to be a lead female actress. She wants to act in supporting roles. In other words, she wants to have a long career (even if it means acting in plain roles) and still juggle a love life. ”


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2 Responses to “The reason why Maeda Atsuko is keeping quiet about her relationship”

  1. Anon October 5, 2013 at 6:23 am #

    This answering all my questions. Still I doubt you can continue your career if you want to become kabuki’s wife, Acchan 😦

    • allthingsjpop October 6, 2013 at 6:29 am #

      I read this article and was like “Hey anon just asked me the same thing 5mins ago!”

      Take it easy, we still don’t know whether all these is the truth. ( I mean, the relationship should be true, but maybe all these talk about her wanting to get married may not be.)


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